sex bitch
colour tricolour
date of birth 24.12.2004
tatoo number 72
kennel Nirreterrit, Czech republic
breeder Zuzana Šusterová, Praha
owner Magda Boháčová, Liberec
animal muster brood bitch, excellent
height 54 cm
CEA/PRA negative (17.2.2005)
DNA genotyp Carrier
dog shows CZ Club Champion, 4x CAC, 1x r.CACIB, 1x r. CAC, 2x Regional winner
ZBKLK Member of the rescue team since 27.3.2010
tracking exams FPr1, FPr2
agility LA1
working exams ZZO, ZOP, ZPU-1, ZM
litter G Nirreterrit born 19.3.2010 (2 males, 5 bitches)
Coursing lisence 19.3.2011

Each of us should make his or her dreams come true. The more realistic they are, the easier they are to fulfill. My wish was to have a dog. My own dog.

When I attended my elementary school, I enrolled to a hobby group of cynology. But the problem was that I didn´t have any of those barking, four-legged animals.

In about 2002 I was looking for a suitable dog-race for me. And I found out that collie belongs to one of the most intelligent and unconflictful races. In an encyclopedia there was written about this race of which I didn´t have any single clue. That´s why I visited the library, lent some literature and surfed on the internet browsers to find some more information on SMOOTH COLLIE.
I found just two contacts at that time:
Breeding station Nirreterrit
Breeding station „Krásná Louka“ („ a Beautiful Meadow“)

I was astonished !!!!

I contacted both breeders and set the cicumstances about the place to personally see both „short-hairies“ ……………………………………….. I was amazed by Beeba (Born to DREAM Alkami). It was what her colour (blue-merle), character, willingness to cuddling… simply everything. At the moment she was a fresh mother of a B litter.

There was a neverending waiting….

I received my puppy on 24th December 2004, for Christmas!

I myself had just a few requirements: female dog (bitch) and PRIMARILY blue-merle ….…
I regularly visited all puppies and despite my dreamed-of blue colour I finally left with my „tricolour“ in my arms.

Now I smile upon my lack of experience and knowledge, which I had at that time. Zuzka must have been really enthusiastic about me! In a questionnaire where I was supposed to give a reason for having a dog I wrote – a companion.

Her name is „MÁŘÍ“ – „MARY“.

When MARY was a puppy, she was very careful and thoughtful about all her acts. Nowadays she became a lady to have a great a determination for work even though a bit of her carefulness remained. She is ready to participate in anything, which has something in common with a ball, pulling, jumping…

We started to attend the training course, where we trained her obedience in groups and learnt from the more experienced. Very soon we stepped off the groups and chose our own style and quicker rate of training.
Our next programme was tracing, basics in self-defence…

MARY counts self-defence into her favourite activities, and she always looks forward to tracing, which she signifies with her loud whimpering.

MARY is very easy to control in a city and she has no troubles accompanying her mistress into every shop and doesn´t mind waiting outside the shop for long minutes. She also copes with spending a long time on tennis or volleyball courts and patiently waits for her opportunity to become part of a game whenever she hears the command „Volno“ ( fell free ). We don´t use the leash, due to our repeated leaving it somewhere.

She herself has a very positive attitude to agility and she can teach me some hard lessons but she makes me really cheerful. The weak point concerning the event of hurdle-jumping is Me, not her. My instructress appreciates her quickness and dynamics but I sometimes go in a different opinion.

The only thing that made me little worried is MARY´s absolute absence of a need to eat. In practice it means that granules, sponge biscuits and meat could be changed for a ball or a figurant. To sum up we have an top female athlete at home.

MARY has a very delicate feeling for her kennel. It sometimes results in her strict and direct treating other strange people and her occasional unwillingness to contact others. She likes to be caressed but on the other hand it can happen that people can´t do anything good enough to please her. She is not venal and never leaves with an unknown person. But you can also take advantage from her dependence especially while swimming, which is not her cup of tea. When she finds her mistress to be rather far from the shore, she dives and swims wherever needed.

Our friends love MARY very much and take for granted to go with her surfing, biking, cross-counry skiing or just for a beer or any other trips.

I am really aware of the fact that if MARY were led by a profi-instructor, she would have excellent results in sport cynology or agility.... No matter I belong to a group of unprofessional and incipient trainers I have plenty of great plans with her.

MARY is a great personality and I regard the decision to have a short-haired collie as one of my best in my life!!!

translator : Mgr. Jiří Hrouda


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