Litter G Nirreterrit

Born 19.3.2010


(a blue – merle dog)
* 9.3.2006

Ch. Fire and Ice Del Passo Del Turchino – Milan

VIDEO - Milan on the beach


Blade in Black Del Castelgavone

Multi Ch. Collie’s of Sealand Number six Nice Nepomuk

Multi Ch. Straightline’s Great Passion Ch. Fairlines Future Vision
Fairlines Classic smooth
Multi Ch. Fairlines First Class Callgirl Ch. Oneway’s Classic Case
Cabare’s Classique

Ch. Jack Mack’s Fiz Gig Flitter

Ch. Oneway’s Al Capone

Oneway’s Goldfinger
Ch. Fairline’s Last Born

Ch. Foxearth Moonlight Fantasy

Pool’s Errand at Foxearth
Foxearth High Fidelity
Ch. Aurora Blu Del Castelgavone

Ch. Jack Mack’s Escanor

Multi Ch. Oneway’s Errol Flynn Multi Ch. Oneway's Got to be a lover
Ch. Fairlines Last Born
Ch. Jack Mack’s All Shades of Amber Ch. Hassan von Ihlpol
Ch. Foxearth Fire Opal

Ch. Oneway’s Corvette

Multi Ch. Oneway’s Errol Flynn Multi Ch Oneway's Got to be a lover
Ch. Fairlines Last born
Oneway’s Tales of Glory Ch. Dalimattas Future Flipper
Ch. Oneway’s Simply the Best

health: CEA free, HD A/A
exams: CANT - fr.herding instinct
Fr. mentality test: 99/100
hight: 58 cm, fullteeth


· loving children, contactful, friendly
· good-tempered
· unconflictful to other other dogs
· a great interest in grazing and agility
· concetrated on work (Milan passed the test of characteristics, an appropriate candidate for training of a guide-dog)


· Florence del Passo del Turchino
· Faith del Passo del Turchino
· Frosty Fighter del Passo del Turchino


Photos of MILAN:

VIDEO of Milan

Coefficient of relationship between Milan and Mary:
0,78 % for 5 generations, 0% for 4 generations


(a tricolour bitch):
* 24.12.2004

Corpus Delicti Nirreterrit – Mary

VIDEO - defence



Champion D, Junior Ch. D, 2x CACIB, BOB
Jack Mack's Difyr de Dannan Obedience 3, Aglity 3, BH, AD DKK A, CEA/PRA/Kat. - neg., MDR1 (+/-), tricolour

OneWay's Look Sharp HD - neg. blue-merle

Cornkills Chagall Fairlines Billy The Kid
OneWay's Moonlight Shadow Foxearth Silver Fog
Korad, Ch. S One Way Ticket

Interchampion Foxearth Fire Opal HD/CEA/PRA - neg. tricolor

Ch. GB Foxearth Fire Cracker

Ch. GB Foxearth Gold Fever
Foxearth Silver Fontan

Foxearth Flippant

Ch. GB Sylbecq Draught Guiness at Foxearth
Foxearth Frisson
Int. Champion, Champion CZ, Junior Ch. CZ, VTD, Obl. v., 2x CAC SK, CACA A, CAC SLO, Národní vítěz, 7x BOB, Mladá fena roku 2000, Pes roku 2001 - Agility 1, CACAg., res. CACAg.
Born to Dream Alkami A3, BH, VZ2, RH-E, ZZZ, ZLP1, ZZP1 blue merle, MDR1 (+/-)

Interchampion Champion ČR Klubový vítěz Národní vítěz Dalimattas Disco Dream tricolour bratr je JK3, HK3, YK1 a Working Champion!

Dalimattas Svarte Fridolf ICh., Ch. N Sunsweet Love Me Tender
Dalimattas Bruna Boena
Y. World W. Fairlines Future Dream Ch. Scan. Fairlines Butch Cassidy
Ch. Scan. Tanliy's Proud-Mary

Interchampion Champion ČR Klubový vítěz Národní vítěz Scandyline Become a Dream blue merle

Ch. EST Dalimattas Big Blue Boss Ch. FIN Foxearth Frankie
Exalted Blue-Belle
Int. Ch., Ch. ČSFR, EST Pihatuvan Rebekka Follow Followtheline
Dalimattas Lady Lapponia

health: eye diseases (17-2-05) - free, CEA/CH test Carrier
dog shows: 2x Region winer, 4x CAC, 1x res. CACIB, Club champion CZ
working exams : ZZO, ZOP, ZM, FPr1, ZPU-1, Agility 1
height: 54 cm, fullteeth

Characteristics :

· unconflictful, adaptace, docile
· devoted and loving her family
· a great interest in agility, tracing and defence
· concentrated while working, „hearty“
· a great guard


· Cestounecestou Nirreterrit
· Crakatit Nirreterrit
· CanCan Nirreterrit
· Coby Kdyby Nirreterrit

Photos of Mary:

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